Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tuesday Night Worlds...Jimbo's 50!!

Great turnout this week for the Tuesday Night Worlds. We started to use an abbreviated version of our tradtional long route. Which meant no more loops on the Walkersville Road Race course. Training on the road race course proved to be quite effective as many of our TnW regulars had some great results. The majority of our warm up loop was a recap of race day. Check out Country Cycling for some of the local banter and race reports.
A few new faces joined in this week. Scotty and Beth from Antietam Velo Club . Strong man Erik Engle was hiding out in the group stretching his legs.
Now what you are really waiting for....our featured rider this week....

Jimbo~aka. Racing Chef, BamBam, BB, The Czar

Jimbo had a big day today. He turned the big five-O. The Racing Chef, brings alot to the table organizing our Tuesday Night Worlds. Not only does Bam Bam keep the ride consistent, we have 200m markings on the road for all our sprint and hump points that have been carefully scouted. BB rides for Antietam Velo Club . A native of Philly, the Tuesday night Czar, also organizes the complimentry ride to Kelley Acres...The Garage of Pain (GOP). This is the winter indoor trainer jam session in Jimbo's garage. Although I haven't actually experienced GOP (I'm scared), I can honestly say it has been very effective for the ones that go.

Jimbo is a Gemini, drives a Toyota Camry with a little fish on the back, likes the color green and is married with 3 kids.

Happy Birthday Ol' Guy (I'll pay for that next week)


Anonymous said...

I have had the pleasure to train with this young man for 3 -4 years now. I consider him a 'good friend' and a great person and a super family man. He loves his cycling and extends his love for family to us. I know I'm a better person for meeting him.
Happy Birthday!