Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Eye Liner....

Courtesy of a Chalazion Incision. Nothing like having three needles in the eye lid before they make the incision on the inside of the eye lid. The doc flips the eye lid inside out and tells you to look down. I would prefer to close my eye but that's not an option.

Of course I recieved no sympathy from my long lost friend Diana. Evidently Botox injections are a little freaky too but you get used to them.

Hopefully this picture is blurry enough so I won't get any Botox comments!
This post is for my Aunt Celeste, our family medical consultant! Love you!


Anonymous said...

I had to look that up 'cause at first I thought you really had perm eyeliner. Since we are sharing glamour shots, have you seen my hematoma I posted over on my blog? Funny that we both posted similar motifs. Great minds!


Lorena said...

Sick! What was that about?

K-country said...

Just a little nastiness I wanted to share:)

DCVelobella said...

I had to look that up too! I was worried that you had an accident on the bike and needed some special surgery. Oh its Karen LoParco, I am DCVELOBELLA and I sometimes post about my training and racing. Which reminds me I owe you a few updates :)