Saturday, December 19, 2009

Steve finally cracked!

After a workout at the Speed Shop today. Steve W. of ABRT decided to take a cool down ride on the flyover
Oh yeah...he was on his road bike

He really misses cross!

I really don't need to elaborate on this

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kelley Acres Ride - 70miler

In the spirit of the holiday weekend Fast Freddie and I logged 70miles in the Cobra today. No bike riding from Kelley Acres. We headed to Taneytown, MD to catch some of our friends racing the MABRA Cyclocross Championships. It was an exceptional feeling to cruise over Harp Hill and get to enjoy the view.

We arrived at Taneytown Park to no less than 5 cars stuck in the muddy field. I happened to catch this SUV getting a tug out of the mess.
We got to heckle our friend Steve (middle) in one of the many muddy sections.
Steve- post race. FF was impressed with the pump up sprayer - car thing.
He pulled off a strong podium performance.
This is the start of the Women's Elite Race. Super Fast JMax of ATAC p/b The Bike Rack (and Kenda teammate on the road) is going after Arley from Hub Racing right from the start.

Marni of Kenda ready for action in the Women's Elite Race

Cousin Jim showing how he can balance holding his bike. His bike is just a little dirtier than normal.
It was a great day to cruise around and hang with some friends. I'm looking forward to getting the bike back on the road next weekend.
All for now...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back At It...

We've started up the winter training rides from "Kelley Acres"

This morning we rolled out on a quest to do "the prison loop". It was calm, sunny, and beautiful for about 10 minutes. Then it became more of an effort to stay warm for 3 more hours.
We decided to seek out some entertainment.
Frank's bike can't go by this place without stopping, even on Sunday morning.

Welcome to Funkstown. We managed to keep Heidi from doing a telephone pole dance.

In case your in the area....

Everything seemed fine at this point. Until...
The guard in the tower was not amused with this. Illana displaying some impressive flexiblity. We managed to get out of here and back on the road without getting shot.

Great day of riding with friends!

Sunset over the Fly Over! (still available~btw)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Free to a Good Home!

Come and get it

Lots of great pictures and vid's going around about the cross race.
A few of our favorites:
From Jeremiah Bishop's Blog
Several posts from In the Crosshairs here

And gwadzilla never disappoints; just scroll down a bit ~ here~

Life at Kelley Acres is settling in for the winter. The "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop is starting to wake up slowly.
More updates to come.

Monday, October 5, 2009

"Kelley Acres" Cross Featuring...

GamJams Podium Candy Pagaent Winner Lance Lacy and "Kelley Acres" appointed Podium Girl "Miss Guided" aka Heidi Goldberg
When asked to be a podium presenter a few months ago Miss Guided's replied "Yes! Yes! Yes! Dressing up and kissing are things I like to do". Then began the journey to find her a compatible podium companion.
GamJams wanted to some candy on the podium and we needed someone, the GamJams Podium Candy Pageant was born. Previous blogs will bring you up to speed on how Lance Lacy landed the top spot. Most people don't realize what is involved to secure a celebrity of his stature. He has needs, requirements really. Shortly after his pageant
victory I received an email of his needs (requirements). Here you go:

A bowl of 500 M&M's with all the brown ones picked out
2 gallons of ocean spray cranberry juice being served by snow white(the real snow white and not Stephen Wahl dressed up like her)
A box of HoHo's served on a silver platter and a fire works display each time I eat one
A white unicorn for me to get around on
A mermaid playing a Harp(must be attractive and not too fishy)
My own personal masseurs
Concord grapes fed to me by a half naked spanish tranny named Martha
KY jelly and fruit roll ups
A copy of wizard of oz the x rated version
Everyone got a kiss from Lance

Hiding in Heidi's hair

The arrival outfit. Heidi had about 4 or 5 different outfits during the day.

Easy to tell who made the podium

Heidi skated the day away

Ray Train prepping the pumpkin for Dr. Neighbor Steve's pumpkin explosion
Illinois Matt got the full post race experience!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We got a Fly Over!

"Kelley Acres" Cross is ready to go this Sunday 10/4. Pre-registation closes 10/1 at 9p.m.
The course is new and improved!
GamJams Podium Candy winner Lance Lacy
and MABRA's own Heidi Goldberg will be organizing podium presentations so wear your favorite lip gloss!
If you liked Ms. Frederick and Ms. Washington Counties from KAX '08 you will not be disappointed
Below are some pictures of the Wheelbase Bikes Fly Over
Ready to Roll (or run up)

Course crossing
Covered with anti skid paint

Saturday, September 26, 2009

GamJams Podium Candy/Fly Over Update

Time is running out to cast your vote for the GamJams Podium Candy candidate. Go here to see the list of fine contestants. Vote many many times. It's been a real battle and voting closes tomorrow. Do it.
Register for "Kelley Acres" Cross promoted by Team Kenda and HPC - here

Construction began yesterday on the WheelBase Bikes Fly Over for the"Kelley Acres" Cross race next weekend

Roof trusses are for addtional support on the ramp. Ray Train testing them out!

Adding the stairs

Shelby's Cat. 4 dog decent

This is how Steve spent his birthday with a litte cheesecake celebration

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

GamJams Podium Candy Voting going live very soon

Go to GamJams to vote.
Vote now AND vote later.
Let's see who has the strongest team NOW.
You won't believe the quality contestants that have stepped forward. Seriously!

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Kelley Acres" Cross - FlyOver Update

Unfortunately we were unable to secure the Thunderbirds for an official fly over. We could not convince Dolly Parton to come sing "God Bless America". This means construction of the "Kelley Acres" Cross Fly Over sponsored by Wheelbase Bikes is getting assembled later this week for the Oct. 4th event. A fly over is a bridge that the racers will ascend up, cross over the race course and decend down the other side. (below is an example, ours is a variation)

Our goal is to make this a fun, exciting and most of all a safe obstacle riders of all abilities will enjoy. If you have never seen or ridden a fly over have no fear it will be super exciting. We will be posting pictures and possibly a few videos of assembly on the weekend.
A few other race updates. The Cat. 1,2,3 Women's field is now paying the top 3 Cat 3 ladies a separate prize list of $150/3 deep in addition to the $700/7 deep in the main field. This makes the total women's prize list more than the men. Thanks to The Bike Rack of D.C. and Team Kenda!
All the Lil' Belgians (9 & under) will get a medal and a pumpkin.
**The GamJams Podium Pageant is going live tomorrow with online voting. There could clearly be some team tactics involved here. Stay tuned!**
Race info can be found here

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gam Jams Podium Candy Pageant Heating Up!

Chutch is out of the country and Leslie J. out of town on race day, the competition has become HOT for the Gam Jams "Kelley Acres" Cross Podium Candy.

Go HERE to fill out an application if you think you have what it takes.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bride Ride

We rolled out of Kelley Acres on Saturday to escort Jen Raz on one of her last unattached rides.
Bride to Be
The local "escorts"

Almost killed the cake
Cdub stepped in dog poop in her fancy white cycling shoes

She did it again in her regular shoes. Damn. This happens to her alot!


**Don't forget to fill out your GamJams Podium Candy Application for "Kelley Acres" Cross! It's getting ugly now is your chance!**

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

GamJams Podium Candy Opportunity going live...

This is for real people!
GamJams and "Kelley Acres" Cross want quality on the podium this year!
GAMJAMS will be posting all the details on this prestigious event.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Heads Up~ GamJams Podium Opportunity!!!

How many times did Chuck Hutch take your spot on the podium this season? Or Leslie J. or Erin or Fuentes?
Now is your chance to have full podium access for a whole day!!! GamJams and "Kelley Acres" Cross are having a contest. An on-line pageant of sorts, in search of GamJams Podium Candy. This is your chance to be a star. We need one individual to compliment our very own Heidi G. as podium candy. There are a few lite duties along the way but it will be worth it.
Details to be posted early next week but we wanted to give you the holiday weekend to get the creative juices going. What will your platform be? Pictures can be submitted and encouraged.
Remember this GamJams photo of the week from last fall.
2008 Podium girls Ms. Frederick County, Lorena and Ms. Washington County, Anna were one of the highlights of race day! Lorena has moved to Sweden and awaiting the birth of her first child named biggie smalls and Anna is about to enter wedded bliss on the eve of "Kelley Acres" Cross.
The ladies may not be presenting you on the podium THIS year but they are in an executive role on the 2009 GamJams Podium selection committee. The pressure is totally ON to deliver top notch podiumness.
Come on boys and us what you got!
Do you really think Chutch, Fuentes, Silliman or Jennings would try to win this competition?

Monday, August 31, 2009 MABRAcross Series

We are very excited that "Kelley Acres" Cross is included in the 2009 MABRAcross Series this year. In an effort to not disappoint we have made a few course changes one of which is a "fly over". Wheel Base Bikes of Frederick is making this possible! Below are a couple pictures to give you the idea of what happens with a flyover. Basically it flys over"something. At "Kelley Acres", the fly over will be going over the course. We'll give you some more details on this in a few weeks. Just wanted to give you something to think about with all the clinics coming up.

Registration will be live at 9p.m. tonight for "Kelley Acres" Cross. Go here for the rest of the details.
Keep in mind we are Race #3 of the MABRAcross Series. This means there are two other great races to get ready for "Kelley Acres" Cross!
The long standing Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross promoted by NCVC on Septemeber 27, 2009 is Race #1. This event is near and dear as Ed was a training partner and great friend. Go here for the details.
Race #2 must be attended! Not just as a "Kelley Acres" tune up but also because it is for a great cause. The Breast Cancer Awareness Cyclocross Challenge on Oct. 3rd is being promoted by Antietam Velo Club/Team Hagerston - Washington County. Do this race! Go here.
There you have have it.
Three great races to kick off the local cross series.
Now get back on your bike!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sha Zamm

Look who's riding a bike again

Jen Ras joined us for a Kelley Acres ride
It wouldn't be a KA ride if Jen didn't flat:) She got a little sympathy help with the change.

The usual off road experience~Frank, Bill and Pete getting ready for cross

*Our new additions*


The sign at the entrance to the pet adoption center. Nice.