Monday, September 21, 2009

"Kelley Acres" Cross - FlyOver Update

Unfortunately we were unable to secure the Thunderbirds for an official fly over. We could not convince Dolly Parton to come sing "God Bless America". This means construction of the "Kelley Acres" Cross Fly Over sponsored by Wheelbase Bikes is getting assembled later this week for the Oct. 4th event. A fly over is a bridge that the racers will ascend up, cross over the race course and decend down the other side. (below is an example, ours is a variation)

Our goal is to make this a fun, exciting and most of all a safe obstacle riders of all abilities will enjoy. If you have never seen or ridden a fly over have no fear it will be super exciting. We will be posting pictures and possibly a few videos of assembly on the weekend.
A few other race updates. The Cat. 1,2,3 Women's field is now paying the top 3 Cat 3 ladies a separate prize list of $150/3 deep in addition to the $700/7 deep in the main field. This makes the total women's prize list more than the men. Thanks to The Bike Rack of D.C. and Team Kenda!
All the Lil' Belgians (9 & under) will get a medal and a pumpkin.
**The GamJams Podium Pageant is going live tomorrow with online voting. There could clearly be some team tactics involved here. Stay tuned!**
Race info can be found here


KLoCycles said...

I hope that flyover is across that treacherous ditch!!