Saturday, July 31, 2010

Riding from KA, Mr. July, and Punkin's

"Kelley Acres" was back in action today. Summer style! With a break from the oppressive heat we managed to get a nice long hilly ride up to High Rock via Harp Hill for some.  Lots of team representation today from the National Capital Velo Club (NCVC);Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team (ABRT); Antietam Velo Club (AVC);; Kelley Benefit Strategies (KBS/LSV) and Team Kenda of course:)

Dennis, Matt R., Dwayne, Matt D., Rob, and Corey at the top High Rock
Steve with his ABRT posse
The lovely ladies of ABRT Christine, Amy, Janet, and Sue

Steve and Matt fueling up ... they are eating CORN DOGS and Animal Crackers-made me throw up in my mouth a little just watching them eat the corn dogs!

We had some random punkin' seeds end up next to the look. I've wanted a punkin' patch forever!
Today is officially Fast Freddies last day as Mr. July in the Washington D.C. Region SCCA Calendar. As he so carefully points out it is very easy to find as it is right in the center of the publication. Can't wait to see what August brings...although he's not short on ideas

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sad day at "Kelley Acres"

Flyover 9/25/09 - 4/22/10

Died suddenly of unnatural causes in Middletown, MD on the grounds of "Kelley Acres" ...Our Beloved Flyover.

This winter we decided to retire "Kelley Acres" Cross after two fun years. It was a blast. After the first KAX we decided to add a new feature to the course . Trying to decide what to do with the course Rockstar Cyclocx'r Chicken was consulted on a Kelley Acres Ride. She comes up with "ck, you have to make a flyover, nobody has one around here". After a few very important "Kelley Acres" Cross staff meetings that involved a few barn beers and a golf cart and fire, the flyover idea came alive. We knew we were taking a chance changing the course but that's how we roll. Fast Freddie loved the challenge and had a "whatever you want honey bunny" attitude. Making this a reality. Our LBS Wheelbasebikes stepped up as the sponsor. A weeks worth of construction with Fast Freddie and some hard working friends Steve, Ray, and his son, Nathan~ the flyover became reality.

Ok, that's the best I can do for a flyover obit. It really did become an eyesore. Here's what we did last night...

Fast Freddie gave me a ride in the backhoe bucket to start the removal ceremony (we have lots of ceremonies at Kelley Acres)

My view from the bucket

Just so you know I really was in the bucket

Leaving the scene

The funeral procession

The deceased requested a creamation party in the fall.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Walkersville RR and Tyson's

Last weekend was great weather for bike racing. Even better was the fact that the race on Saturday was local, the Walkersville Road Race promoted by ABRT (Annapolis Bicycle Racing Team). After being spoiled all week with summer like weather, it was pretty cold at 40deg. for an 8a.m. start. Our field consisted of category 1-4 women and master's men 55+ all mixied up in one big bunch. This means lots of big men and women with all different levels of experience and bike handling skills.
I would say the sketchiest part of this race was on the neutral roll out trying to navigate past a vehicle blocking half the right lane while the yellow line rule was being enforced on the left. Good times at the start. After that is was pretty tame.
On to the race~there was this dude in our race I could not get away from. You know when you are in a race or on a ride and you just don't want to be near someone and they inevitably are just THERE constantly. I'm sure he was a very nice man but for craps sake, he had this rubber chicken key chain (see below) swinging from the rails of his saddle.

Who is this dude? Is he your teammate? Was he really afraid he was going to lose his keys? This thing was flapping back and forth the whole race. Someone wanted to know on our local racing listserve if "Wedgie" Bags were legal in a race (I never heard them called that before but whatever)...What about a freakin' rubber chicken keychain?Does anyone know this guy? This was beyond annoying. Even more annoying than the guy with the number flapping because he was so careful he didn't want to wrinkle it and use the least amount of safety pins.

When I wasn't being distracted by the above, it was fun watching Phil Hepburn (who wasn't on the pre-reg only list) dressed incognito in his plain yellow windbreaker laying down some hurtful moves until the guys realized who he was.

At the end of the day it was alot of fun being out there racing. Having a combined field does add a different dyanmic but I would prefer to have a field to race in than not. Congrats to Laurel with a Cat. 1 move with a Cat. 4 license.

A big thank you to ABRT for keeping the quality road races alive in our area.


Sunday was Tyson's Corner Circuit Race promoted by NCVC (National Capital Velo Club): report by Jen Rasmussen

Tyson's Corner Circuit race is always a tough race. Whether its the uphill finish, or because its early season and the day after a road race, or perhaps a combination of both, its never less than a gut-checker! This year was easily one of the highest quality fields we've had since I started racing; Team Kenda's Marni Harker, Chris Kelley, Janelle Hubbard and myself lined-up against riders Sarah Caravella from BMW Bianchi, Amanda Watson and Erin Siliman from Fruit 66, the ABRT Women's Elite team and all the other high-quality women from the area.

The course is selective and tends to be a race of attrition, but that didn't stop numerous attacks lead by Team Kenda, BMW Bianchi and Fruit 66 from making the race aggressive from the gun. Team Kenda raced like a well-oiled machine and there were several attacks throughout the race that looked like they would stick as a break, each time Team Kenda being represented by either Chris Kelley, myself or both of us. About half-way through the race I was able to counter a move from CK and solo away going up the hill and quickly had about a 20 second gap! I really wanted it to stick, but knew with 25 minutes/10 laps to go it would be a long time to stay off the front with this tenacious field.

As the race counter came down to 2-3 laps to go it became clear that other than a possible flyer on the bell-lap, this race was going to come to a field sprint (meaning time to "recover"). The Bell came and we proceeded around the course for one last time. Fortunately, even with the tired legs the tempo did manage to ramp-up. Coming into the final corner we were about 400m downhill from the finish-line. I was fairly well-positioned in 3rd or 4th wheel behind Sarah C. and Amanada W., but still a little too far for me to make it to the finish line. Knowing my sprint, I need a high-speed leadout in order to maintain the speed I need to contest a field sprint and generally in local races that does not happen. Suddenly, I felt a light touch on my hip and there was teammate Marni Harker coming on my inside to give me that much needed 15m catapult launch to the finish. The sprint was on! Sarah Caravella easily took the win, but the race for last two podium spots was tough. My legs started to lock-up aout 10m from the finish, (now hating me for all the earlier breakaway attempts), but the thought of Marni sacrificing her race to push me forward gave me that last "umph" to get across the finish line and hold onto a podium at 3rd place!

All in all a good-hot day of racing! I have attached the video for those who are interested...

Thanks girls!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

First "Kelley Acres" Ride of '10

The flag usually sets the tone to start the "Kelley Acres" rides. This year it is tattered and torn from the insane winter months.
Today was the break through training ride we've been waiting for. A beautiful, sunny and warm day greeted 10 riders who braved the first "Kelley Acres" 4.5hr ride of the year. With lots of endurance miles lost due to the brutal weather we finished the day with lots of hope, even though it was quite painful at the end!
We headed to out on a traditional loop to High Rock and back through Catoctin Mountain Park to Frederick and back over the ridge.
The best part of the ride was the chemistry of the group. No egos today. Everyone worked well together. There were a few spirited moments but the purpose of the ride remained priority, to gain some valuable, long, lost endurance.
A few shoutouts are in order to the girls... one to Christine F. Nate Wilson's pick to win the Women's Cat 1/2 race next week at the Jeff Cup. I shared my pb & j with her so maybe she'll have a little mercy next weekend.

The other shout goes to 2009 "Kelley Acres" Cross Podium Candy- Miss Guided
Shown here in action with GamJams Podium Candy - Lance

This is where I would put the picture of Heidi posing in the manger scene on Raven Rock Road. It was voted down.
This is a nice replacement. Heidi post ride on the Harley Police Bike
Parking on the grass is an option again! And it's green!!
Thanks to everyone that came out. It was a great day!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We're Back!

Nobody was interested in taking the flyover away so Fast Freddie and I decided it would be fun to take the g-cart for a spin. We got a little hung up.
FF was using the rocking method to dislodge from the platform
This was the dismount
Tuesday Night Worlds started this week. Dennis and Jimbo of AVC showed up ready to roll-kit, helmet and shoes. Host for the evening is Lumpy-Twizzlers and all...

We realized later he was trying to make sure everyone had enough energy to keep up with him. The man has worked hard this winter and will be testing the legs at Jeff Cup in Charlottesville next weekend.
Loving the sunset at Kelley Acres. Finally!

Monday, March 1, 2010


It's been a wierd winter with no real organized outdoor rides from "Kelley Acres". It's been strange but there is alot going on .

The Speed Shop was rocking all winter. This weekend we had alot of last minute riders going after the "Top Dog" Winter Time Trial Competition sponsored by Raw Revolution. This is a great tune up for a GamJams Throwdown p/b Cutaway Clothing.

We were fortunate enough to have the Don and John show stop by last week. As you saw from previous posts, nothing will stop them from getting their training in. It's nice they work together.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sometimes you have to learn to adapt....

by digging deep into the reserves while racing or riding your bicycle. Or trying to relax while in the hurt box. Other times it's reaching deep within yourself to get the motiviation to go on a training ride while it's way too cold and the roads suck. AND sometimes if you dig deep enough in your car, you can find replacement gear if you leave your tights at home. Being resourceful is a great quality for a rider.

Please note that Don is NOT modeling the
If you show up to go on a training ride an there's a guy dressed like this(above). What would you do? How adaptable are you? How bad do you want to train? Are you willing to ride with this person? He can't really ride, can he? Are you willing to risk getting your legs ripped off? You're thinking something is not right, are you willing to ADAPT to the situation and ride? Fortunately, I was not involved with this situation but it got me thinking. What would I do?
Heck, I'd probably ride. We live in an area that has stuff like this (below). No one would really know me with all the winter gear. Maybe they would think I'm doing a good deed for someone special.

Franklin showing some post holiday spirit with the blow up snow man

My bike and I made it outside for a couple hours this a.m. It was wierd but fantastic to breath some fresh air and feel the road again.
Franklin and Scott gave me a tour of the Hagerstown area.

Fast Freddie told me about this website . I thought it was pretty funny. Enjoy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Blizzard No. 2

Wish I was this guy- cruising downtown
It's cold at Kelley AcresAnd windy

Downtown Frederick trucking out snow
Belle could barely see over the snow

The laundry hamper next to the Pale Ale box was much more exciting

Monday, February 8, 2010

No bikes going down this driveway

We haven't been able to get a bike out of the "Kelley Acres" driveway all winter.
Fast Freddie was showing off his driving skills taking one of his projects for a little spin post blizzard!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


This post is about quantity not quality. You know, junk miles. It's all I got. Lots of pictures(bad ones) and a bad video.

Morning shot of Snowmageddon 2010

About a 4ft snow drift - first few big steps were fun then it got really annoying

Shelby was a little freaked by the snow drift near her dog house but happy to see me

A couple of crazies showed up for a Speed Shop session and decided to just run the ol' pick me up truck into the snow to park! Where you from?
Fred thought it was proper form to snow blow around Matt's truck

Matt trying to leave Kelley Acres

The flyover is STILL available- did a couple sled runs but needed some grooming

Absolutely beautiful ending to Snowmageddon 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

What more is there to say...

Our friend Bob, who we never get to see, wants a "Kelley Acres" update. This one's for you:

This is me in my convent outfit leading the annual "Kelley Acres" New Years Day ride

My long, lost friend Lorena now living in Sweden posts pictures of bath time with her perfect baby boy, Biggie Smalls. This is the best we can do from "Kelley Acres". However, I'm working on a vid of Fast Freddie and his new remote control helicopter on the yoga block landing pad.