Saturday, March 20, 2010

First "Kelley Acres" Ride of '10

The flag usually sets the tone to start the "Kelley Acres" rides. This year it is tattered and torn from the insane winter months.
Today was the break through training ride we've been waiting for. A beautiful, sunny and warm day greeted 10 riders who braved the first "Kelley Acres" 4.5hr ride of the year. With lots of endurance miles lost due to the brutal weather we finished the day with lots of hope, even though it was quite painful at the end!
We headed to out on a traditional loop to High Rock and back through Catoctin Mountain Park to Frederick and back over the ridge.
The best part of the ride was the chemistry of the group. No egos today. Everyone worked well together. There were a few spirited moments but the purpose of the ride remained priority, to gain some valuable, long, lost endurance.
A few shoutouts are in order to the girls... one to Christine F. Nate Wilson's pick to win the Women's Cat 1/2 race next week at the Jeff Cup. I shared my pb & j with her so maybe she'll have a little mercy next weekend.

The other shout goes to 2009 "Kelley Acres" Cross Podium Candy- Miss Guided
Shown here in action with GamJams Podium Candy - Lance

This is where I would put the picture of Heidi posing in the manger scene on Raven Rock Road. It was voted down.
This is a nice replacement. Heidi post ride on the Harley Police Bike
Parking on the grass is an option again! And it's green!!
Thanks to everyone that came out. It was a great day!


Rob said...

from Lorena:
Looks like FUN!
I'm counting down the years till I can join you again!

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