Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Flowers

The tiger lily's went crazy this year

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pig Latin

Iway adhay otay useway isthay ecentlyray otay anslatetray anway emailway. Eckchay itway outway.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Racing Stuff

Last weekend, half of the HPC powered by Altarum crew was at the Reston Grand Prix. A fun crit going right through the heart of Reston Town Center. One of the best crit courses we get to race on.
We had tons of fun and a great team race with the Stormin' Mormon pulling off the big "W". Lesley followed with winning the field sprint after a text book delivery the line. We have a new Kiwi rider Gen. She is super nice and quite strong.

Anna and Lorena asked to borrow a Yakima tray to use for the 2008 Voyage to Fitchburg the following week. I had offered up one with the promise to have a picture of our "oh so cool" guest rider Sue Haywood's bike on my Yakima tray. They did not disappoint.

Haywood's Trek on MY tray. Jdub eating AGAIN!!- looks like a mouthful of Peeps

I do think it is worth mentioning that Lorena not only can race her bike but she is quite the multi tasker. After the race at Reston, Lorena took the tray from my car and proceeded to ride around the parking lot to get to her car pointing the tray like the "Terminator" at oncoming traffic. And she didn't crash! Watching the driver's faces coming in and out of the lot was hysterical.

The Fitchburgers for this holiday weekend were Anna, Gen, Jdub, Lesley, Lorena, and Sue Haywood as guest rider. What a great guest to have race with your team in such a high caliber field. Anna, Lorena and Sue have done a great job with race reports so click here, here and here. Final results for Fitchburg are here.

A special "speedy recovery" to Fast Kate. She went down hard racing in Ohio last weekend and messed up her knee. We're going to miss her legs for a little while! Heal Fast!

July 4th at Kelley Acres

Chef Kelley prepping
Yummy salad to go with the assortment of grilled specialties
Kelley kids and my Mom
Here we go.... My dad getting the pyrotechnics started

Pretty tame by Kelley Acres standards
Our friends T and T joined in on the fun