Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fast Freddie's Fabrications and stuff

Lots to catch up on at Kelley Acres...

Fast Freddie's Fabrications is live. Click on it. FF has been fabricating parts for the mid 60's Ford Super Cars, Cobras and Daytona Coupes. He's starting to get them up on his new website. If you really want to make his buddy that helped him get the site going crazy, fill up the cart and don't buy anything.
Last fall I posted about Ben's Baby....FF has been building this Daytona Coupe

This was the delivery

Early assembly
Almost complete

Another week or so and we get to send her home to Ben

Back to the bike races...
I got to experience the mental and physical pain of doing my worst TT in 6 years last weekend. I was also challenged to brush up on my short term memory loss. FF is really good at forgetting things so he's helping me with this. We always joke that if I keel before him he'll hook up at the funeral because he'll have forgotten me already!
Stick a fork in my eye, it'll feel better
I really hope this was the start because it could explain ALOT!

photo courtesy of Amy Jones