Monday, October 12, 2009

Free to a Good Home!

Come and get it

Lots of great pictures and vid's going around about the cross race.
A few of our favorites:
From Jeremiah Bishop's Blog
Several posts from In the Crosshairs here

And gwadzilla never disappoints; just scroll down a bit ~ here~

Life at Kelley Acres is settling in for the winter. The "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop is starting to wake up slowly.
More updates to come.

Monday, October 5, 2009

"Kelley Acres" Cross Featuring...

GamJams Podium Candy Pagaent Winner Lance Lacy and "Kelley Acres" appointed Podium Girl "Miss Guided" aka Heidi Goldberg
When asked to be a podium presenter a few months ago Miss Guided's replied "Yes! Yes! Yes! Dressing up and kissing are things I like to do". Then began the journey to find her a compatible podium companion.
GamJams wanted to some candy on the podium and we needed someone, the GamJams Podium Candy Pageant was born. Previous blogs will bring you up to speed on how Lance Lacy landed the top spot. Most people don't realize what is involved to secure a celebrity of his stature. He has needs, requirements really. Shortly after his pageant
victory I received an email of his needs (requirements). Here you go:

A bowl of 500 M&M's with all the brown ones picked out
2 gallons of ocean spray cranberry juice being served by snow white(the real snow white and not Stephen Wahl dressed up like her)
A box of HoHo's served on a silver platter and a fire works display each time I eat one
A white unicorn for me to get around on
A mermaid playing a Harp(must be attractive and not too fishy)
My own personal masseurs
Concord grapes fed to me by a half naked spanish tranny named Martha
KY jelly and fruit roll ups
A copy of wizard of oz the x rated version
Everyone got a kiss from Lance

Hiding in Heidi's hair

The arrival outfit. Heidi had about 4 or 5 different outfits during the day.

Easy to tell who made the podium

Heidi skated the day away

Ray Train prepping the pumpkin for Dr. Neighbor Steve's pumpkin explosion
Illinois Matt got the full post race experience!