Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thanks Ruth...

 for making that tough call to postpone Jeff Cup on Friday instead of Saturday. It gave "Kelley Acres" enough time to organize and open up for a spirited little roll through the hills of northern Frederick County.  And it was cold!
Lots of MABRA colors were flying this weekend.  Hot off the Cupcake Wars victory Team Sticky Fingers were out in force. Goat and Chicken (who promised to update her BLOG!!! if I did) along with Dana, Jessica, and Mrs. Fader were sporting their fab new kits w/ stars and bars (rolling pins). We were missing the Cupcake Queen, Doron.  Feel better soon! 
Some of the other MABRA peeps were Antietam Velo Club, NCVC, Kelley Benefit, some locals, and a super strong kid that looked like he was 13yrs. old and could ride almost everyone off his wheel except Mr. Fader of course.

Some of the NCVC crew getting ready to roll

Phil Billy from Evolution Cycling takes a smoke break at the top of High Rock and received top honors for the quote of the day and a new Philysm (see previous post)..."Next time I'm bringing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's like mother's milk for me". 
Janet wondering how she ended up here

We can't forget Janet, Sue, and Scott of ABRT making the trek from Baltimore. Janet and Sue were fresh (or not so fresh) from a two week cycling camp in Spain.  And of course Team Kenda was well represented!

A great day in the saddle was followed up with a Fast Freddies chilli feast!  With Harwood Road Race cancelled we may be rollin' again real soon.We havent done the prison loop stay tuned.