Thursday, January 29, 2009

White Trash

Fast Freddie thinks the blogging thing is silly. Of course this was his idea.

It's always just a little bit colder at Kelley Arces. And we do live in the boonies. In the spirit of keeping up with the neighbors...

Here I am in a Hefty Drum Liner attempting to slide down the hill near our garden shed

Feet first on this attempt
This was actually a pretty lame attempt.

We changed locations. It just wasn't frozen enough.
**You have to pay an extra 20bucks to rotate the video so rotate your head!

Day Two...early morning... Cardboard Box Sled...Rotate your head again.
(remember it's white trash blog so just do it)

My ol' so graceful attempt to return home w/ broken finger!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gun Show at the "Speed Shop"

The "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop was open for a special session this afternoon. The forecast was for snow showers so we fired up the Jefferson Cup Road Race Course for some motivation.

Not without the pre ride "Gun Show" featuring Christine and Anna...if blogger would upload my video you would get the show in action! ugh

Anna was taking this very seriously...wanting to sell tickets

Dave and Ray being entertained

Steve was penalized 5lbs for being late and Patty was all smiles

It was great to have K-Lo make the trip from D.C. for a little Speed Shop fun.

Just one more press opportunity for the lovely Anna posing with her cover girl mug shot from Spokes

Hundred Push Ups!

About a month ago Ms. Black Cat (below) emailed after I completed the Concept 2 Holiday Rowing Challenge to let me know there's a new challenge awaiting...ONEHUNDREDPUSHUPS and was I up for it. What the's too cold to be outside and it's good core work.

There is an initial test to determine which training program you will follow for 6 weeks. The program gives you push up intervals and at the end of 6 weeks you should be able to do 100 consecutive push ups.
This would be "Big Boy" push ups.

Technically, your elbow joints should be in line with your shoulders to be a real push up. I do have a bit of advantage. If you have ever seen my surgically repaired elbows you will understand.
My inital test 3 weeks ago I did 10 push ups. I have completed week 3 doing a total of 89 push ups in about 15' on week 3 day 3 . I am a little concerned heading into week 4. It's starting to get real ugly. Maybe 2 days off will get me through.
Mimi was giving this a go as well. Anyone else?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another One in the Books!

Another great ride launched from Kelley Acres this crisp New Year's Day. We had a nice group of 15 (+/-) show up on another exciting adventure through the countryside.

This temperature reading does not reflect the wind chill

There was definitely some left over winds from New Year's Eve

Not to be out done by Ray Train's "Season's Greetings" kit. T-man shows up with his "Happy New Year 2009" tiara. He managed to keep it secure the whole ride. It seemed the drag factor was taking it's toll the last few miles. I nix'd the Gortex vest before roll out.

Just a little detour after riding on the highway

Lesley may be small in stature but she is mighty in strength. Not only on the bike but also yanking on the porta john door at the Canal Road pee stop. I swear I thought the door handle was stuck at the halfway point. No one could possibly be in the thing it's 20deg. and there was one car in the parking lot. Oops, sorry Lesley, my bad for the encouragement. I had no idea that lady was in there. I thought she should have spoke up sooner. She was pretty surprised at the crowd when she came out.

Lumpy turned on his local charm and showed Jen C. a short cut back to Kelley Acres via Reno Monument Road. All I can say is it made an impression. He must not have been at his best because didn't get to experience Lambs Knoll.

Fast Freddie cooked up some yummy chili and warm bread for post ride. It was gone before I could take a picture.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year from Kelley Acres!