Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hundred Push Ups!

About a month ago Ms. Black Cat (below) emailed after I completed the Concept 2 Holiday Rowing Challenge to let me know there's a new challenge awaiting...ONEHUNDREDPUSHUPS and was I up for it. What the's too cold to be outside and it's good core work.

There is an initial test to determine which training program you will follow for 6 weeks. The program gives you push up intervals and at the end of 6 weeks you should be able to do 100 consecutive push ups.
This would be "Big Boy" push ups.

Technically, your elbow joints should be in line with your shoulders to be a real push up. I do have a bit of advantage. If you have ever seen my surgically repaired elbows you will understand.
My inital test 3 weeks ago I did 10 push ups. I have completed week 3 doing a total of 89 push ups in about 15' on week 3 day 3 . I am a little concerned heading into week 4. It's starting to get real ugly. Maybe 2 days off will get me through.
Mimi was giving this a go as well. Anyone else?


Mimi said...

I finished week 3 last night... 22/30/20/20/30, so far so good. :-)