Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gun Show at the "Speed Shop"

The "Kelley Acres" Speed Shop was open for a special session this afternoon. The forecast was for snow showers so we fired up the Jefferson Cup Road Race Course for some motivation.

Not without the pre ride "Gun Show" featuring Christine and Anna...if blogger would upload my video you would get the show in action! ugh

Anna was taking this very seriously...wanting to sell tickets

Dave and Ray being entertained

Steve was penalized 5lbs for being late and Patty was all smiles

It was great to have K-Lo make the trip from D.C. for a little Speed Shop fun.

Just one more press opportunity for the lovely Anna posing with her cover girl mug shot from Spokes


KML said...

What a great time! Can't wait to try it again and maybe even get out on some of those killer hills :)

Lorena said...

Wow, Anna does look like she has some serious guns. Usually she conceals those things.
Okay, what the people want to know is if you made it to 100 push-ups! And if so, then you deserve to indulge yourself by doing a post about your very own gun show. Let's see 'em.

K-country said...

Anna was proudly displaying her guns. We were very appreciative!
My personal gun show was postponed a week due to illness. So I'm repeating week 4. I'm back on track completing Day 2 of Week 4...we'll see if there's a big "reveal" or not.