Thursday, January 29, 2009

White Trash

Fast Freddie thinks the blogging thing is silly. Of course this was his idea.

It's always just a little bit colder at Kelley Arces. And we do live in the boonies. In the spirit of keeping up with the neighbors...

Here I am in a Hefty Drum Liner attempting to slide down the hill near our garden shed

Feet first on this attempt
This was actually a pretty lame attempt.

We changed locations. It just wasn't frozen enough.
**You have to pay an extra 20bucks to rotate the video so rotate your head!

Day Two...early morning... Cardboard Box Sled...Rotate your head again.
(remember it's white trash blog so just do it)

My ol' so graceful attempt to return home w/ broken finger!


Chickin said...

And I thought I was a redneck! Thanks so much for posting this. I'm still laughing.

KML said...

OMG, you were trash bag sledding and broke your finger? Hope you are ok :)

Chickin said...

Still laughing. (But seriously, I hope your finger is ok.) Which one was it?

K-country said...

Yeah, our neighbors were drooling! I can still shift my bike so no biggie on the finger.

Anonymous said...

That is F%#*ing hilarious! (Note: I was trying to censor my potty mouth cause I wasn't sure if your blog is R rated or not.) You need to come out to my neck of the woods where we use car hoods for sleds -- fast and total trash! You would love it. Your neighbor might have a hood you can borrow. The broken finger is hard core and will add to your fond sledding memories.