Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sometimes you have to learn to adapt....

by digging deep into the reserves while racing or riding your bicycle. Or trying to relax while in the hurt box. Other times it's reaching deep within yourself to get the motiviation to go on a training ride while it's way too cold and the roads suck. AND sometimes if you dig deep enough in your car, you can find replacement gear if you leave your tights at home. Being resourceful is a great quality for a rider.

Please note that Don is NOT modeling the
If you show up to go on a training ride an there's a guy dressed like this(above). What would you do? How adaptable are you? How bad do you want to train? Are you willing to ride with this person? He can't really ride, can he? Are you willing to risk getting your legs ripped off? You're thinking something is not right, are you willing to ADAPT to the situation and ride? Fortunately, I was not involved with this situation but it got me thinking. What would I do?
Heck, I'd probably ride. We live in an area that has stuff like this (below). No one would really know me with all the winter gear. Maybe they would think I'm doing a good deed for someone special.

Franklin showing some post holiday spirit with the blow up snow man

My bike and I made it outside for a couple hours this a.m. It was wierd but fantastic to breath some fresh air and feel the road again.
Franklin and Scott gave me a tour of the Hagerstown area.

Fast Freddie told me about this website . I thought it was pretty funny. Enjoy.