Monday, August 31, 2009 MABRAcross Series

We are very excited that "Kelley Acres" Cross is included in the 2009 MABRAcross Series this year. In an effort to not disappoint we have made a few course changes one of which is a "fly over". Wheel Base Bikes of Frederick is making this possible! Below are a couple pictures to give you the idea of what happens with a flyover. Basically it flys over"something. At "Kelley Acres", the fly over will be going over the course. We'll give you some more details on this in a few weeks. Just wanted to give you something to think about with all the clinics coming up.

Registration will be live at 9p.m. tonight for "Kelley Acres" Cross. Go here for the rest of the details.
Keep in mind we are Race #3 of the MABRAcross Series. This means there are two other great races to get ready for "Kelley Acres" Cross!
The long standing Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross promoted by NCVC on Septemeber 27, 2009 is Race #1. This event is near and dear as Ed was a training partner and great friend. Go here for the details.
Race #2 must be attended! Not just as a "Kelley Acres" tune up but also because it is for a great cause. The Breast Cancer Awareness Cyclocross Challenge on Oct. 3rd is being promoted by Antietam Velo Club/Team Hagerston - Washington County. Do this race! Go here.
There you have have it.
Three great races to kick off the local cross series.
Now get back on your bike!