Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kelley Acres Ride - 70miler

In the spirit of the holiday weekend Fast Freddie and I logged 70miles in the Cobra today. No bike riding from Kelley Acres. We headed to Taneytown, MD to catch some of our friends racing the MABRA Cyclocross Championships. It was an exceptional feeling to cruise over Harp Hill and get to enjoy the view.

We arrived at Taneytown Park to no less than 5 cars stuck in the muddy field. I happened to catch this SUV getting a tug out of the mess.
We got to heckle our friend Steve (middle) in one of the many muddy sections.
Steve- post race. FF was impressed with the pump up sprayer - car thing.
He pulled off a strong podium performance.
This is the start of the Women's Elite Race. Super Fast JMax of ATAC p/b The Bike Rack (and Kenda teammate on the road) is going after Arley from Hub Racing right from the start.

Marni of Kenda ready for action in the Women's Elite Race

Cousin Jim showing how he can balance holding his bike. His bike is just a little dirtier than normal.
It was a great day to cruise around and hang with some friends. I'm looking forward to getting the bike back on the road next weekend.
All for now...