Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back At It...

We've started up the winter training rides from "Kelley Acres"

This morning we rolled out on a quest to do "the prison loop". It was calm, sunny, and beautiful for about 10 minutes. Then it became more of an effort to stay warm for 3 more hours.
We decided to seek out some entertainment.
Frank's bike can't go by this place without stopping, even on Sunday morning.

Welcome to Funkstown. We managed to keep Heidi from doing a telephone pole dance.

In case your in the area....

Everything seemed fine at this point. Until...
The guard in the tower was not amused with this. Illana displaying some impressive flexiblity. We managed to get out of here and back on the road without getting shot.

Great day of riding with friends!

Sunset over the Fly Over! (still available~btw)


Stephen said...

Ahh, the prison loop.....with a little twist! I like it! So, was Franklin there today? And is there a KA ride scheduled for turkey day?

ck said...

Ha Stephen, I know what you're really asking!!
And yes, Frank did join us. How do you think we found Mitzis.

Lorena said...

Glad to see the Kelley Acres rides are still going strong! I will never forget my first Kelley Acres ride. We did some seriously steep climbs on a seriously cold day and I got seriously cold and tired, and then when we got back to your house there was some seriously good chili awaiting. I drove home feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.
I miss you!

Anna said...

Nice shot at the prison! Looking forward to winter training at Kelley Acres ...although it won't be the same without Lo!