Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ants In My Pants

After this weekend I no longer have ants in my pants. It started the middle of last week when I became obsessed with (more than usual). Fred and I both had weekend plans that were dependent on reasonable weather conditions. Fred had an early season SCCA Test and Tune autocross event at FedEx field on Sunday. It is like a training race in bicycle racing that gives you a guage on performance. I had two bike races lined up with my new team, HPC powered by Altarum, one local on Saturday in Walkersville and the other in Tyson's Corner on Sunday.
The more the weekend approached I noticed I was becoming more agitated and anxious. This seemed to be directly related to and my desire to race my bike. I really wanted to race. As Friday approached I had resigned myself to a rainy Saturday morning with no racing and happy that Sunday was forecasted to be great weather. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I was up at 5a.m. Saturday to check the weather AGAIN. NO RAIN in the forecast the opposite of what was predicted 7hrs prior. Freaks. The race was on and I was ready to roll. The team had a great races on Saturday and Sunday (despite the rain that was not in the forecast). The ants in my pants are gone. In fact, they were gone after Saturday's race and I was a little concerned they would never come back. I know now when I have ants in my pants it can be a good thing. Check out Anna or Chicken's blog for race reports.

I'll be posting later about Fast Freddy.