Monday, April 7, 2008

Fast Freddy's Shoes

Who knew going into the weekend how fast Freddy's shoes were going to be. It all started Friday night when cycling teammates Jdub and Bellie headed to Kelley Acres for a sleepover. We had to be ready for an 8 a.m. start time on Saturday for the Walkersville Road Race. Jdub calls me about an hour from arriving to tell me she forgot her cycling shoes. She sounded a bit relieved after a rough week at work. Thinking maybe it would be a good weekend to get some R & R, until I asked what size shoe she needed ~46 and she can only ride comfortably in Sidi shoes. No worries, Fast Freddy has 46 Sidi's and we can just switch pedals....anything else?

These are Fast Freddy's Sidi's and the infamous royal blue Simpson driving shoes used to bury his competition on Sunday in the test and tune at FedEx field. I must give a shout out to his buddy Ben who is turning some heads in this early season.

These are Fred's Sidi's modeled by Jdub just after winning the Tyson's Corner Circuit Race on Sunday. This dude I'll call him "Pelvis" was wearing these platform boots and an outfit you had to see to believe.
Check out the dice in the heal. Crazy stuff. The boots were very white.
And here he is posing with Bellie post race.

Check out the dollar sign glasses, the hat was pretty sporty too.

Anybody know Pelvis?


Bellie said...

I think he said his name is Dave.

K-country said...

Oh yeah, Disco Dave. Thx Bellie, good times this weekend.

Lorena said...

Wow - how could I have missed Disco Dave at Tyson's? Very entertaining pics.
Great time racing with you last weekend. You forgot to write up about your awesome solo breaks! But at least every other blog has you covered on that.

Chickin said...

Has Jdub been cyclocrossing? What's with the mud and grass on her/Fred's shoe?

Appalachian Cyclist said...

Good catch Chickin! Since you asked, I will give you an honest reply. The mud and grass is from where--instead of doing a cool down lap like everyone else--I slipped off the course directly after the finish to collapse behind a bush so no one would see me in the big time hurt box. Despite that, it was a great time racing with yall this weekend!