Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mt. Pain Road Race

With not much going on in our area for bike races this weekend, the traveling circus made a trip to Mt. Joy, PA for a short, painful road race. The generous promoters at Red Rose Races changed the women's race to an open field which attracted a nice crowd of 41 ladies at the start. The open windy course was a 5.7 mi. loop with one very painful short hilly section. Our race was 4 laps. Not being one for the traditional race report, I'll try to hit the impressionable moments as I remember them.
*HPC powered by Altarum lined up 5 ladies, Anna, Bellie, Kate (start a blog!:), Lorena and me
*Also on the line was a pro from Aaron's Pro Cycling Team, super fast junior and eventual race winner Sinead Miller, former teammates Marjan and Heidi and lots of other familiar faces
*Marjan and Lorena stuck a nice two women break for two whole laps.
*Lots of attacks began after they were caught which made the hill even more painful~at one point Heidi was looking for confirmation that she had a rear flat tire, nope. (everyone has experienced this at some point)
*The last time up the hill, Lorena had a unfortunate mechanical, Anna gave me the inspiration I needed with her steady wheel to suffer over the hill for the final time, the field was shattered.
*Just over the top of the hill Heidi made a funny turn off course (oxygen deprivation is powerful) and had to scurry back to the pack.
*In the last 3k a crash behind me took out Bellie, Heidi and a few others. Everyone is o.k. I think.
*In the end Kate took a hard fought 6th place, Anna came in an impressive 9th and I rolled in for 11th
*Red Rose Races posts results online super fast!!
*Corey "The Kid" raced early and Steve, Shawn, and PhilBilly from the Tuesday Night Worlds were lined up as I was leaving.
*Check out the links for more info and results.
All for now...