Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Wind Tunnel

With the time change this weekend the Kelley Acres ride moved a little later to 10a.m. I was a little scared when I woke up to the temperature at 25deg. and the winds blowing 20-30mph.

At 9:45a.m. no one had arrived for the ride and I was getting a little excited. I'm excited because I may be going on a hike instead. Then at 9:46 a.m. 3 cars roll down the driveway w/ bikes on top. Then 2 by 2 the cars kept rolling in. All of 16 people show up. Are these crazy people? No they are just my crazy riding friends. And they want to ride. I HAVE to ride.

Compare the flag to last week

Shawn (left) in his "go to" winter gear. Racing Chef is ready to roll.

Chicken had the only mechanical of the day. Check out Goat in her hot new Kitty Kit.

Paul manage to eat one of his three Egg McMuffins while we waited.
Goat shows off the back of her Kitty Kit.

Post ride Mac and Cheese prepared by Chef Kelley

Lots of lounging and post ride recovery

Paul, Ray, Steve, Brian, and Bill getting warm

Watch your camera when Chicken is around
It was a fantastic ride that I would have never done had I not been motivated by the great turn out of friends. We ended up climbing about 5000ft in 3.5hrs. Racing season starts soon so look for some more posts on Tuesday Night Worlds and Weekend Races. And I know you want to know Ti Don did not show.
All for now....


Chickin said...

Goat worked on my bike and put an extra spacer on the freewheel. It seems to be working now. Thanks again for hosting a wonderful ride as usual. And thanks to Chef Kelley for the fab mac and cheese.