Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tuesday Night Worlds

Hello sports fans and blog stalkers, last night was the beginning of our Tuesday Night Worlds. I know they are probably in every town, but our group adds alot of character to this blessed event. For those of you reading that aren't cyclists, what happens is a bunch of people show up at a local elementary school with their bicycles and roll out for a few hours with the goal of trying to rip each other's legs off. There is a so called warm up lap that usually ends up with someone riding off the front and then looking back casually to make sure they got everyone's attention. It's o.k. though they end up paying for it later. This ride is basically the opposite of the Kelley Acres ride with alot of anaerobic activity and no conversation. Serious stuff!

Just to add a little flavor to our unique group, I've decided to post a featured rider each week.

This week's featured rider is Lumpy. He's a Gemini, drives a Prius, loves his Members Only rain jacket, and carries a level (see above) with him for emergency bike fits. Lumpy excels at descending and going really fast at the end of races when it matters. I wonder what else is in Lumpy's trunk.

This is the cool down lap in the parking lot

All for now...


goat said...

Is Lumpy single?

Chickin said...

I don't really wanna know what else is in Lumpy's trunk. Although it does look like a very nice trunk.

K-country said...

Ha, Goat! Funny thing, he has a hot athletic wife who is awesome. I think he hides the jacket from her. Go Figure!