Saturday, March 1, 2008

Just another Kelley Acres ride...

We rolled out for another ride this bright and sunny morning but the cold and wind were the challenge of the day. We stopped on Main Street in Boonsboro, MD to check out the scene of a huge fire last week. The property is owned by best selling author, Nora Roberts . She and her husband were renovating the former inn as a bed and breakfast.

All that remained was barely a shell of the outside walls. Below you can see that the fire melted the siding on the property across the street. This is Heidi's friend George checking out Kate's new bike (we think)

And this is Heidi...

Once again this guy shows up to ride looking like Ti Don. Same outfit as last week on the Wheelbase Bike Shop ride, face all covered up, non descript clothing. After about the 3rd of our 4 hour ride we stopped at Sheetz, this guy rips off his head gear and ran in, grabs this delicious Hostess Fruit Pie. (450calories, 40g fat) appears to be apple. The kicker of this, it IS Ti Don. He IS back. He couldn't keep his face hidden any longer.

Ti Don

Once he realized his cover was blown the "whining" began. "I'm so tired", "I blowing up", "How much longer", "Which ridge are we climbing to get back?" Watch out people...He's back!!

It turned out to be a pretty nice day despite the early morning elements. Chef Kelley had the crock pot full of chili ready for our return.

Get well soon Lumpy!!


Stephen Wahl said...

Awesome ride Chris! I have to get that chili recipe. I am pretty sure that was Ti Don. All I could hear on the last few miles was complaints about his quads hurting him. I especially liked the little talk and the advice the women gave him back at Kelley Acres. I know where not to go with my women problems.

K-country said...

I totally forgot about the post ride therapy session. That was definitely a highlight!