Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Racing Team

An opportunity came my way in the last week to race with a group of women that I have been friends with but we never had a chance to race together on the same team, until now.

This is very exciting yet difficult because I had a tons of fun racing with Team Kenda Tire last year. Janelle, Marni, and I had a blast especially in the 40+ races this year. We had a great chemistry that I will miss. All my former teammates have been fantastic and are very supportive of my decision to change. We will still see alot of each other only in different jerseys.

Now on to the new stuff. The team I'll be racing for is HPC Powered by Altarum.

Check out this cool piece of clothing Kate brought me yesterday.
A few of us went to the Tradezone Training Race in Upper Marlboro today. What a blast! It was great to get the legs turning at a higher speed than the Kelley Acres Rides. Susan set the tone for the season today by first racing the women's race, then the "B" race and THEN the "A" race which she almost finished but got hungry or something silly like that. When you have a team director that lays it out like that it only brings everyone else to a new level. We are all very excited about this year.
Check back later for more on the HPC Powered by Altarum girls.


Lorena said...

Can't wait to race with you more this year. I think that we will all work great together!