Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday Night Worlds with PhilBilly

I'm a little slow in getting this out but a great time was had by all this week at the Worlds!
A new structure was added to the ride. It's a little hard to explain and even harder to execute. Check it out at Frederick Velo it involves riding in waves. Bascially we ended up doing our normal ride with organized sprint and hump points. Lots of leg crushing fun.

Our featured rider this week is none other than PhilBilly!

Phil Billy ready to roll at the Worlds

Phil Billy (PB) made the trek east to join our ride this week. He races bikes for Evolution Cycling Club , drives a Prius like Lumpy, has an awesome girlfriend and is a Cat. 3. His favorite race is Tour de' Toona. We graduated high school together~TJ class of '83! PB is famous for what I call Philysms. These are sayings that I have either never heard or heard them for the first time from Phil.

Some of my favorite Philyms:

The sound of angry shopping carts - referring to the sound heard when a group of cyclist crash.

Taco'd my Zipp's - crashing and ruining very expensive cool wheels - I believe this happened twice to Phil Billy:(

Getting the Ya Ya's out - randomly attacking your group ride to test your legs.

Spinning the dinner plate - trying to climb a mountain in your easiest gear.

I'm Batch'in it - when Phil isn't spending the weekend with his girlfriend.

You better hurry up before RIGAMORTIS sets in - one of my favorites, click on rigamortis. (ok, my granddad used to say this one)

And hot off the press the newest Philysm is......A sock in the frappenheimer-showing up in the results for a race without even going

Along with a few local riders, The Grinder & PhilBilly joined Fred and I on a cycling vacation a few years ago to the beautiful of Majorca off the coast of Spain. This is where the nickname Big Ring Phil came about. He conquered all the brutal climbs in the big ring! Ok, so he got a little sick by the end of the trip but he really did do this.

PB enjoying a plate of paella at a mountain top restaurant in Valldemosa

Phil Billy adds alot of character to our local peloton and is an all around strong rider and nice guy!

Helmet tip to you buddy.