Monday, May 19, 2008

~The Cycle~

I like to race my bike but there is another type of cycling that needs attention. The monthly cycle and the effects on female athletes. There is a wide range of experiences. My hope is that you will gain awareness of the craziness and if you experience any of this or more, you will be awarded a free pass like my wonderful husband gives me every month. By the way, he is horrified by this post.
Becoming scatterbrained is just one of the many unpredictable things that can be experienced on a monthly basis. There have been many rides from Kelley Acres that we were lucky to return. Combine scatterbrained with the other frequent visitor of indecsion and this is a true recipe for disaster. Luckily, I have a wonderful support group of riding buddies that always seem to go along with me like I know where I'm going. Little do they know... I need them!
Weight gain leading up to the monthly cycle can cause this...

Two yoga blocks stuffed in the legs of my cycling shorts to try
to prevent
sausage legs.
Bloating is another evil visitor and combined with what I refer to as "junk legs" can cause a racing result like I experienced at Jeff Cup~DNF!
Emotional instability can rear it's ugly head. A good example of this would be grabbing for the box of Kleenex when Brooke was voted off Idol~even though it was expected and necessary! Totally irrational behavior, big red flag goes up and a pass is handed out.
My least favorite experience that effects me the most physically and mentally is nausea. I get the most sympathy when this happens but would trade it for sausage legs any day.
I try not to complain, embrace the craziness and know that it does not define me as a person the rest of the month. I'm so lucky to have my loving husband there handing out free passes and hugs at the right time.
An interesting article here.


Chickin said...

I too suffer from sausage leg, bloating, nausea and emotional instability during the cycle. I also get "madder than a wet hen" and get a pretty good potty mouth going too. Just ask anyone racing near me during Walkersville/Tysons. Boy, that weekend was tough! But remember, according to Sonja, we should all be setting world records during our cycles.

Lorena said...

CK, this post had me laughing out loud - especially when I saw that picture! Our kits are so tight this year that they could turn a toothpick into a sausage link.