Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Great Riding Weather!

Another fantastic turn out for the Tuesday Night Worlds. Riding fast is really getting popular in the boonies.
It seemed like the entire Antietam Velo Club was in attendance and it's a good thing...

How many AVC'ers does it take to......(do whatever TTT is doing)

The featured rider this week

Ray Train

Ray Train making fun of the rest of us after hammering up this hill

It's very exciting to blog about Ray Train this week as I had a little help from his better half Judy on some of the more important details. Judy is an awesome wife, the mother of their two boys and quite blogworthy herself.

Here we go with the basics...Ray Train hails from Niagara County, NY. He races for NCVC. His favorite color is grey. He got his nickname for the enormous strength he brings to our group rides. When you are riding behind RT it is truly like a freight train moving. RT prefers Levi's to Wranglers, enjoys making waffles and used to be quite the trumpet player.

Here's where it gets a little more complicated...There have been sightings of RT playing and hanging out with a clown band and a German Umpah band. Oh my! AND evidently he can dance a mean Polka! There was a little in house controversy as to being voted most likely to succeed vs. most talented in his high school class.

Regardless, RT is a truly gifted athlete and great person.

Special thanks to Judy for all her input