Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bike Jam

Bike Jam at Patterson Park in Baltimore is always exciting. I jumped in the Master's 50+ race to get a good warm up for the women's race. It's really fun racing with these mature fellows. They are very supportive and respectful of the women in the field. I found out after according to Rule 1H2 of USA Cycling Rules and Regulatoins that I should not have been racing in this field because the field is limited to Cat 3/4 -35+ Women. Sorry. It was still really fun.

The women's race was pretty stressful. Riding heads up was key. There were a few casualites with Jdub getting bumped into the dirt on the last turn by flying bodies and bikes and being the worst of the day.
Sometimes when a race doesn't go your way you get a little kooky~anyone know this guy?

Bellie buys the pit guy an ice cream for working on Jdubs bike ! So pro

Survival was the key for me at Bike Jam
Check out Anna's Blog for some great race reports.


Chickin said...

Nice racing Chris and thanks for the report 'cause I didn't watch your race after Sonja went down. I had to lay down to get my hr back down and couldn't bear to watch anymore. Sorry to hear J-Dub went down cross style. Hope she's feeling better but I see that she did quite well at Somerville so I take it she's good.