Saturday, February 16, 2008

Kelley Acres Ride

Riding bicycles from Kelley Acres during the winter months has become quite a tradition. Beginning 8 years ago Fred would lead the National Capital Velo Club (NCVC) elite riders (Jay Moglia, Zach Browne and crew) for 4-5hr. epic adventures. This ride has evolved to include a fantastic group of local riders , as well as riders from all over the Mid Atlantic Region.

A group of us left Kelley Acres today for a beautiful but crisp (26deg.!) 3.5 hr ride in western Frederick County through Harper's Ferry, Sharpsburg and Antietam Battlefield.

It was really cold when we stopped to refuel!

Mechanical number one~ Lorena's cable broke. Paul managed to get her back on the road with one big gear.

The ladies had time to enjoy this stylish feature of the cutest winter riding jacket ever!

We used to have one of these. It's an International 1800 Loadstar with a Cummins 232 deisel with a 10sp tranny. Ours was brown on brown. It came in handy to pick up mulch.

Mechanical number two - Jen flatted and Bill came to the rescue.


A few things we learned on our adventure:

Ray is in really good shape!

Lorena gets a studette award for finishing the hilliest part of the ride with one big gear.

Sometimes when Lumpy backs his bike up there is a beeping sound.

Until next time....


Chickin said...

Sorry we missed the ride yesterday but we are suffering in the bad weather out here in CA. BTW, love the blog.

llr2zo said...

Chris, I am impressed with your IT skills! Loved all the photos and the links. Checked everything out!
BTW.....I thought it was just Lumpy's ass that beeped when he put it into reverse! See you soon. Lynda

Lorena said...

Great blog, I love it! It's already one of the best looking ones I've seen.
Thanks for hosting the ride - it was a great time, as always. I can't think of any other ride that I would so gladly wake up early, drive for nearly an hour, then bike in sub-freezing weather for.