Sunday, February 17, 2008

I LOVE this man!

Living in the boonies we have to get creative with our winter activities. Cycling for me and a new found source of grown man entertainment for my hubby, Karting.

You can only imagine what a charmer he is to share these pictures of his latest adventure. He spent the day in Sterling, VA at Allsports Grand Prix where the National Capital Chapter BMW Car Club of America sponsors a karting league. Evidently he was causing alot of confusion amongst the regular karters who take this activity very seriously. There seems to be an inverse relationship between how much they like him and how fast he goes.

Fred in his canary yellow outfit. (sorry honey, I mean driving suit)

Fred with Larry sporting his royal blue driving suit before the races.

Fred just prior to punting the guy with flack jacket off to take the lead.

Going for FTD (fastest time of the day)....AGAIN!!


goat said...

I just went go-karting for the first time with the kitty-kats - what a riot!

Chickin said...

If you race Sonja, watch out. She likes to put people in the barriers. Oh wait, we're not talking about bike racing. Just kidding. But she did go karting in CA and put a couple of people in the barriers and caused a few others to spin out. I'd love to see a showdown between you two.