Saturday, November 1, 2008

Winter Training begins at Kelley Acres

Calm winds and lots of sunshine for the start of winter training from Kelley Acres

Bill with donut

We stopped at an amazing Mennonite bakery in Sharpsburg

You must double click on this photo and know Anna restrained herself!

"Somebody's Honey" looked like a kid in a candy store when he found these gingerbread men
It should be noted the ride was done on his full suspention TREK mt. bike!

Ms. Washington Co. and Ms. Frederick Co. in a fist fight
And last but not least....
This is Randy on the left. And that is John on the right...They are not "together"


Lorena said...

What a fun ride! I just realized that Kelley Acres rides are probably the only thing about winter that makes me happy.

pete5609 said...

Just for the record I knocked back 4 delicious Mennonite donuts then beat everyone to the top of the big climb except the guy who had the bag full of cookies. So the lesson here is that the more you eat at the bakery, the faster you will climb Rt40.

Anna said...

Love the photos and thanks for yet another fantastick Kelley Acres ride!