Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kelley Acres Row

No riding at Kelley Acres this weekend

The weather wasn't very cooperative. A steady cold rain all day.

Alot of my friends are racing cross for fun and fitness. I've been doing some of my own cross training. For the past eight years I have participated in the Concept 2 Holiday Rowing Challenge. The objective is to row 200k between Thanksgiving Day until Christmas Eve. The big challenge isn't the rowing it's trying to fit in the seat time with family, work, holiday shopping, and party schedules. Oh yeah, and riding my bike. My goal each year is to try to knock out 100k the first 10days and then I can relax and take a day off as the holidays approach.

The above pictures show all the muscles in my body that have been either twitching or sore for the first two days. Amazingly, the body has settled in to the routine and is much better now.
Concept 2 has a great website that offers helpful training information on technique as well as intervals specific for cross training for different sports.

After four days, I've complete 51,027m of rowing. Hopefully this time next week I will have surpassed my goal of 100k in the 1st ten days and can settle in for the holidays.
The best part of the challenge is Concept 2 sends everyone that completes 200K receives a lovely "Holiday Challenge" pin! Totally worth it!

Anyone else doing this?


MB said...

you are nuts




but i love you

and your TT bike

xoxo from the new england hinterlands,


Chris said...

freak was up from th u no chris s my man big props kelley acres rocks

Chris said...

Fred n Chris u rock ...from th 1