Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tuesday Night Worlds gone MAD!

The Tuesday Night Worlds is becoming well attended and competitive. The ride is comprised mostly of racers is organized to provide some great interval work (sprint and hump points awarded) with regrouping for recovery.

The madness all started about a month ago when Lumpy took a corner on a "warm up" laps at what seemed a reasonable pace.... KABOOM....down and out in the corner. It seemed like there was some straw in the corner from one of the farm trucks. OUCH!

I took a hiatus from the Tuesday crew for a couple weeks. I kept checking our local list for updates on the ride. One of the first posts after the first ride I missed was this:

"From what I can piece together. A skewer got caught in a wheel. Andthe yard sale ensued"

The next post was "fred is ok just some road rash..I am real sore but no broken bones just concussion atleast i get towatch tdf live.thanks for all the help last nite... George" *turns out poor George broke his scapula too:( Heal fast George. I was glad to miss this ride. Big mess.
On to the next week that I skipped....

The first post on the list starts out like this "YELLOW LINE! Its the rule. Its our rule. It will be enforced.Don't do it. Period! Scenerio: Jimbo swings out to win the sprint cause he can't see around my fat a$$. He gets thumped by a car and we are standing around him as he takes his last breath. Dead on the road." (not really dead but the intent is noted)
Evidently there was quite a scurry on a sweeping turn over the yellow line for one of the sprints that became quite scary...the self policing has now begun in the Tuesday night peloton.

Not knowing how I would go after a big pause in my riding, I decided two weeks away from the fun was enough. I MUST go back to TnW. Even if it's only for the warm up laps.
I roll out with everyone and riding towards us in the opposite direction is this gentle giant...

This would be Yamil of Battley-Harley Davidson Elite Cycling Team
I thought how nice that he is out training on our roads in beautiful Frederick County. Ah hum...then I watch him turn around and hop on the back of our group. This is madness. Who knew our little ride would start collecting riders of this caliber. I guess the word was out that the TnW crew needed to be strung out a little more to stay safe. I rolled around for the warm up and bailed knowing no good could come of this night for me. No craziness to report from this night.

On to the next week. Feeling a bit better I head out for some more Tuesday night torture. Hoping to last a little longer in the group. I arrive in the parking lot to this....

Coast Guard Jim taking a tumble in the parking lot.

I'm thinking..."here we go". I must ride more "head's up" than normal if this is the start. If Yamil's recent attendance wasn't enough now we are lucky enough to have these guys adding to our little festivities...
Nate and Ramon
Who told THEM about this ride? Turned out to be a super fast, fun night with a modest crowd.
Adding to the madness ...There was talk of a post ride "Mojito" dance off in the parking lot.
I got scared and bolted home to Fast Freddy. No word on results yet....MT Chuck, Ti Don???