Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ING Direct Capital Criterium powered by CycleLife

The announcement is here.... (scroll down 2nd from last)

And the picture they use is THIS ...

Isn't this the Colavita women's team leading out Tina?

No women's race is how it goes. I'm sure you could have used a more appropriate picture.

Come on guys!!


Rob said...
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Lorena said...

Yeah, that is pretty ironic that a picture of a women's pro field is used to promote a race that completely excludes a women's race! Keen eye, CK.

KML said...
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KML said...

Did Cycling News have a brain fart?

Also, I am a bit confused CycleLife USA seems to be a sponsor as shown here

But they do not have a women's race??

Anna said...

Maybe we could get the men's field to dress in drag ...or at least some of them? That might send a message ...of some sort?

Mimi said...

The party line for why there's no women's field is that they want to wait until they can do it big. So maybe next year if they can come up with 10% or maybe 20% of the men's purse to offer for a pro women's race, they'll do it. Guaranteed they won't also be adding a women's amateur race...that would be too much like supporting the sport and wanting to help it grow.

Given what's happening in the financial world right now, I sure hope they already have the prize money and it's somewhere safe, like under someone's mattress.