Monday, July 4, 2011

Update from "Kelley Acres"

I'm taking a leave of absense from Facebook and decided to update the blog.  Race season finally settled in after a sporadic start with postponements and cancellations. This season I decided to measure my results based on fun (yes or no) instead of placings. 
Here's the tally :  Black Hills, Carl Dolan, Bunny Hop x 2, Ft. Ritchie x 2,  Poolesville, Leonardtown, Ride Sally Ride, Tour of Washington County Kick Off Crit and Stage Race, Church Creek TT, Reston Grand Prix, all get a YES . Bike Jam - NO.  Based on the fun factor it's a very successful season so far.   Let's hope it carries over to the 2nd half. 

This past week has been a nice break from the normal routine.  Churtle emailed and wanted to go for a long hilly ride.  This is Churtle. She's usually on a mountain bike for many hours going fast so it was a treat to take her on a "Kelley Acres" road ride.  

 Churtle leading us up to High Rock and every other climb in the Catoctin Mountains

In addition to taking a break from racing this holiday weekend, we got into sprucing up the backyard. Fast Freddie gave me the nod to go about a little dead tree removal burnscaping project. 

We started a litte fire at the trunk

All for now...


Chickin said...

I love the Churtle! She helped me immensely at a mountain bike clinic out in WV a few weekends ago.

Lorena said...

Wow CK, you've been racing a ton! And quite an impressive record of YES's. Congrats. :)
Rob and I think you guys are hilarious with how country you are out there on Kelley Acres, just burning stuff down on a whim. But, of course you're certified for that, right?