Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sad day at "Kelley Acres"

Flyover 9/25/09 - 4/22/10

Died suddenly of unnatural causes in Middletown, MD on the grounds of "Kelley Acres" ...Our Beloved Flyover.

This winter we decided to retire "Kelley Acres" Cross after two fun years. It was a blast. After the first KAX we decided to add a new feature to the course . Trying to decide what to do with the course Rockstar Cyclocx'r Chicken was consulted on a Kelley Acres Ride. She comes up with "ck, you have to make a flyover, nobody has one around here". After a few very important "Kelley Acres" Cross staff meetings that involved a few barn beers and a golf cart and fire, the flyover idea came alive. We knew we were taking a chance changing the course but that's how we roll. Fast Freddie loved the challenge and had a "whatever you want honey bunny" attitude. Making this a reality. Our LBS Wheelbasebikes stepped up as the sponsor. A weeks worth of construction with Fast Freddie and some hard working friends Steve, Ray, and his son, Nathan~ the flyover became reality.

Ok, that's the best I can do for a flyover obit. It really did become an eyesore. Here's what we did last night...

Fast Freddie gave me a ride in the backhoe bucket to start the removal ceremony (we have lots of ceremonies at Kelley Acres)

My view from the bucket

Just so you know I really was in the bucket

Leaving the scene

The funeral procession

The deceased requested a creamation party in the fall.


PlainJane said...

Bonfire at Kelly Acres in the fall ? Sounds only appropriate given that the beginnings of the flyover involved fire and beer.

David_Morris said...

That was my favourite race. I'll have such good memories from it. Thanks :)