Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catchin' up at Reston

This is Jen Ras and she's doing fine. In between PT appointments during her recovery from her crash at Bike Jam, she's been working on her sense of humor. We ran into each other at the Reston Town Center Grand Prix last weekend. She brought her dog Rena to the race. Rena is really cute, however she does not get along with men and children. Jen thought it would be a good idea to "help" Rena get over this anxiety by bringing her out in the crowd.
We're walking all over Reston Town Center watching the races when Jen needs to find the porta john and asks me to hang onto Rena. Jen disappears (for what seemed like forever) and Rena and I start walking around. A nice young family with 2 very small toddlers spot Rena and I. The dad asks "Oh can we pet your dog" I said "Well, I'm really sorry she's not so friendly with little ones" he was o.k. with that except his kid was really too young to understand and was getting upset. I continue walking around trying to avoid families and kids not knowing what might go down. Rena then finds the only green patch at the shopping area to poop. It also happens to be not too far from the family with the kids that couldn't pet the doggie. Great! I'm standing there looking at Rena and looking at the parents glaring at me when it occured to me they thought I should be picking up the poop! Whoa!!! Where the heck is Jen? So I couldn't help but tell them "this really isn't my dog". I don't think they believed me. At this point, I'm thinking Jen is hiding behind the porta johns watching this go down. FINALLY she comes strollin' up when I pointed to the nice pile of poop and thanked her for such a wonderful experience. Of course she is a responsible pet owner and as evidenced by the photo took care of Rena's business. GROSS! Guess where she put it?
Next time you see Jen ask her how her shoulder is doing:)


Badger said...

Friggin hilarious.