Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Race Randomness

Here we go again...Saturday was the local race in Walkersville. We have our Tuesday Night Worlds on this course. I have my legs ripped off every week by the local guys. The prep for the race has been great. All the locals have been training hard over the winter and could not be more prepared. Then came the forecast 25-35mph winds with gusts 40+. Oh yeah...Big girl racing!

Instead of a play by play I am going to share some random observations. But before I get started I feel I must disclose that did not win this race because on the first lap I attacked(I really thought I did) going up to the blinky. The field was on my wheel behind me exchanging recipes and yawning. After that I was fighting to prolong my debut on You Got Dropped . Worked out this time. Then I was scared. Oh yeah and there are alot of other girls going fast. The end.

Now back to race randomness.
Lots of CycleLife ladies this year, lots and lots of them. Some have "Teaism" on their shorts, some have "Specialized". This tells you my positioning most of the race. CycleLife LJ had some interesting head garb under her helmet. A white thing. LJ can wear whatever she wants.
One girl blew over twice before we left the parking lot for the neutral roll out. Pretty funny.
Marni has superhero shoe covers.
Teammate Tracy is fantastic at positioning.
Janet is pretty crafty on and off the bike.
The ladies did a fantastic job of riding safe in crazy conditions.
Sarah Caravella was allowed to register on the day of the "pre reg only" race. Probably the same reason she rolled to the front of the start line very late at Tysons and backed her bum into everyone on the first row. Classic PlainJane said to her"You have got to be kidding me!"
Cockroach Kyle was a great feed zone host after a great finish in his race.
Lumpy had some bad luck again.
Coast Guard Jim was rider of the day - 2 races - won one, top finish in the second
Lucas was triathlete of the day - 1st in Cat. 5
The end. Again.


goat said...

You crack me up, as always! The wind sucked and I was glad when that race was over. Good to see you even though we didn't get to catch up.

K-country said...

great to see you too! we must try to catch up at a more aerobic pace sometime:)