Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blog Block

It's been awhile. I've had Blog Block, bascially the whole month. In an effort to catch back up here's some stuff.Steve Wahl sporting his ABRT/Latitude kit on a Kelley Acres Ride a couple weeks before the Trade Zone #2 Show

Another "Gun Show" started in the middle of the ride.

Then there was blood. Cdub gets a bloddy nose and uses Chicken's white arm warmers for damage control until we get some paper towels. I asked if she wanted the sag wagon. She looked at me like I was nuts and said "it wasn't an artery, lets go". And we were off again.


Back at Kelley Acres ~it's been a really long winter for us.

Fast Freddie with his new helmet
There something about the rice cooker and the figure it out.
There's more if you want it.
Hunderd Push Update:
I am still working it. I had to repeat week 5 twice. Once due to illness and the other time was my exhaustion test was horrible. I just completed week 6 and about to go for the Hundred. I decided to throw in the Two Hundred Sit Ups program in the middle of all this. It can't hurt. I just finished week three and seems a heck of lot easier than the push ups....Read more about these at


chris said...

there aint no way that I would ever do a hundred pushups...when I was young I could have but,..I do like three sets of twenty but third one hurts. Guess if I set a goal I could but I am lazy, two hundred situps would really hurt. I would enjoy getting out there to the Kelly Acres, but it seems a lot of my clients are weekend planners and thus thats when I work. :)

rantinray said...

Glad you told us it was a rice cooker, because it kind of looked like a toddler training potty. Wasn't sure why Fred would want that on his head. The rice cooker makes way more sense.