Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kelley Acres Ride Gone Wild!

A nice stiff wind, cloudy skies, and wet roads greeted the riders for the last Kelley Acres Ride of 2008!

This was the start of an interesting finish. Lumpy got the first flat of the day. Not sure how his hands and knees ended up like this.

Christine decided to take advantage of the pause in action for a nature break and a HOT pose on the eve of her category changing birthday! This is right before she stepped in poop and had to clean her cleats with Steve's water. Not so hot but funny.
While the guys operated on Lumpy's flat tire the three 40+ ladies decided to roll back the last 10 miles slowly and let the boyz try to catch up. It was so so sad for Lumpy, Jimbo, Franklin, Scotty and Steve to see the ladies rolling in ahead of them on the home stretch to KA. They muttered something about 3 more flats, etc. Hmmm~5 of them boyz, 3 of us 40+ ladies...yeah I know, very sad to be blogging about this....whatever, it was good fun.
AND the chase kept Lumpy from posing for a picture inside the manger scene at the church in Wolfsville. We spent the rest of the ride thinking of how to explain why we would have been taking pictures of a grown man in lyca inside a manger.

Next up...Kelley Acres New Year's Day Ride...


Chris said...

Man, I have gotten less greasy changing a manifold gasket on the old 83' dodge pickup.