Monday, October 6, 2008

Kelley Acres Cross

Thanks to everyone that came out to the 1st Annual Kelley Acres Cross.

The podium girls Lorena and Anna added the local flavor we were looking for! One of my favorite quotes by Joe Jefferson came when Lorena was walking around barefoot...."Lorena's one 'hip swivel' away from the Maury Povich Show"

This is a must read blog .

We can't wait to see what Kevin has here .

And check this out...Mt. Bike Pro Jeremiah Bishop blogged about Kelley Acres here !

Hope to see you all again next year!

photo #! courtesy of Marni Harker

photo #2 courtesy of Eric Greene



gwadzilla said...

wish I had come here to gather that information

I landed on all that information independent of this page

and I was not even there

but I will try to be there next year

sounds like it was a blast!

KML said...

Awesome day! I totally thought the podium girls were actual pageant winners, made the event even more authentic. Thanks to you and Fast Freddie for opening up the estate :)

Zen said...

Excellent venue for a race, the only way it could get better is more mud.

Some photos here-

call me if you want Miss Wolfville to represent next year ;-D

Sonja said...

Chris Kelley kicks ass
I hear her cross race was rad
Sorry I missed it